A Note from Our Mom-in-Charge

Hello and welcome!

You’ve found more than a cloth. You’ve found a community. This is our story.

It started with a simple idea: Muslim women should have more beautiful clothes to wear.

I’d moved to China from Saudi Arabia. Far from home, I’d recently become a mother and was struggling to find simple, beautiful Muslim dress for my daughter. The ones I could get were created with little care for their impact on the world or the people who made them.

I was lucky enough to meet a group of talented Designer in the China of Beijin, all mothers. I designed our first line of ten dress and we filled a studio with laughter and cheer. Day after day, we told each other stories while working and watching over our children.

As our company grew, we found that many Muslim women make laughter from our clothes, so that we could leave a better world for the next generation. We created new style and designs so that each Muslim women could have chose of their dress style.

And pretty soon, we were shipping our clothes around the world!

We hope that you and your young ones enjoy our clothes as much as we enjoy making them. Thank you for being a member of us.